ENVEREX the first universal cryptocurrency wallet

Our platform is designed to easily manage many blockchain wallets at the same time, we are the prototype of a universally wallet with its own cryptocurrency ENVX and a single stablecoin ENVXUSD.

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About ICO

Everything perfect is just

The purpose of the Enverex is to familiarize the community with the use of crypto-currencies in everyday life.
When the cryptoindustry is introduced into shops, banks, gas stations, hospitals, etc., you will definitely need to use a single universal wallet, because it is easy and simple.

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Enverex ICO

General ecosystem

Is the speed of transactions, user privacy, user transaction privacy, scalability and multithreading.


The Enverex platform based on Blockchain Enverex has the most productive architecture that linearly automatically scales (it can scale to mega-tps) with maximum throughput and unprecedentedsecurity at times exceeding the characteristics of traditional mass payment systems.

Currency exchange within the application

Our Enverex platform gives you the opportunity protect, manage and share blockchain assets in one beautiful app.


We support and most Multichain tokens including ETH, BTC and DASH.

Protection against fraud

Enverex uses all the advantages of cryptography and decentralization, making cheating technically and verifiably impossible.


The Enverex platform has its own security function, anonymization, which provides new opportunities for users and distributed applications.

our way

Road Map

March, 2019
Preparing to launch ICO.
April, 2019
Launch of the platform and our site for ICO.
October, 2019
End of attracting new investors.
January, 2020
Running a single, universally wallet.
April, 2020
Our tokens ENVX and ENVX USD will appear on well-known stock exchanges.

Mobile app

Single Wallet Management Application

The application will appear after the end of ICO, in January 2020, closer to March, we will add an application for Windows and Mac OS.

Our data

Token Distribution

90% - Distributed to community

5% - Team & Advisors

3% - Reserve

2% - Bounty


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